Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On The Move

With being homeless soon and all, G went on line and started looking at virtual tours of homes.  Our taste veers to contemporary and that is hard to come by in Florida outside the Miami area.  He found one he liked the looks of and we decided to take a ride (an hour away).  We called the realtor and she said that she was holding an open house at such and such an address and G said that was the street of the house he wanted to see.  So the three of us hop in the car and go to see the house.  We went to the address (thanks to Siri) but there was no open house sign.  We were really befuddled and called the realtor and yep! she was at the house and it was on the same street but at a different address.  We introduced ourselves and explained the situation and she told us to look around anyway.

This was Sunday.  An hour later we decided to put an offer in on the house.  We did, and they accepted the offer (without an ounce of haggle) and we will be in the house within two weeks!!!!  And we LOVE it!!! The neighborhood is exactly what I was looking for and the back yard butts up to a golf course.  The realtor said it was on the market longer than normal (4 months) because it didn't have a pool.  We don't want a pool.  It also fit our qualifications that there is a studio worthy room, a man cave room, and no big sprawling yard that is a maintenance headache.  In fact we don't do the maintaining either.  The sellers recently moved out and left some stuff, (furniture and decor) that we wrote into the contract so that we don't have to scurry around to make it livable right away.  We donated most of our furniture to a non profit so it worked out for all.

And to beat all, my girlfriend who moved to Charleston and has her house on the market volunteered us using her home while we are temporarily homeless.  March is high season around here and there wasn't anything available locally so it too worked out perfectly.

The realtor took us to the club and it was delightful.  Notice the light fixtures are martini glass shape?

And this picture, it would make a darn cute quilt.
And the app menu has this named after me (my maiden name is Kane).  Life is good!


Gayle from MI said...

You are made of stronger stuff than me! I would probably still be sitting in the corner crying over trying to pack up my studio with my sore new hip! Way to lighten up a situation and good Karma too!

Robbie said...

So glad for you!!! 'All's well that ends well' as they say. How will Bella be living on the golf course! Kalee would be barking plus she isn't trust worthy enough to let loose! Bad trainer!! How's the hip?

linda sperling said...

No dust under your feet!

Synthia said...

That's the best WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN story I've heard in a long time. EVERYBODY'S happy!!!!! (big smile)