Sunday, March 30, 2014


Check out this adorable set of measuring spoons that my friend

Millie gave me.  This photo doesn't give them justice, as they are so much cuter in real life.  I just love them.  Thanks again Millie !

The new leather couches (aqua) came yesterday.  This picture reads blue but they are a light turquoise.  I just love them.

I had coffee with a girl I met via my realtor.  Her name is Bobbi and we hit it off just perfectly.  We found out that we have a lot in common, including the same crooked fingers due to arthritis on the same hands, and we are both left handed and on and on.  Even our first names have a bit in common.

It's been raining and raining here and we woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day.  Life is good.


Susan Turney said...

Absolutely love your art. How fun to start over and decorate with only favorites!

Gayle from MI said...

Life is very good indeed.