Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Bella The Ball

There is pretty much nothing more pathetic than dusk when G is gone.  The wait starts a couple hours before dusk and Bella gives up the ghost several hours later.   This photo is her waiting to hear any noise from the house (this pic shows here at the entrance of the studio) that would let her know that G has returned home.  This goes on for days.  The longer he is gone, the less than pathetic waiting goes on but it never abates.

In order to lift Bella's spirits, Mike and I took her to a pet friendly restaurant where they treat her like a queen and bring her a treat from the doggie bakery and a bowl of her own water, should she get parched.  Notice that like any lady, her legs are crossed.  And above and beyond all that, she loves retail shopping.  Who knew?

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Irene said...

Ben does that too when his Daddy is away. I'm O.K. when he's not around, but the minute Leo comes home, I'm chopped liver. Congratulations on selling the house and I hope you find something you love soon.