Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Hump

The closing of the house went smoothly and the deal is done.  Phew!!

I thought I would show you around the house we are staying at that my friends, Joanne and Jack,  have leant us. I tried several times to download a video I took of Bella barking at a statue in the front garden but I couldn't make it work.
Here is Bella enjoying the view and here is a candid without
the video of her trying to run the pig statue out of dodge.

I think I blogged this chair a friend of theirs gave them before but it warrants another look see.

The back and arms consist of yo-yo's and the seat cushion is made
up of grandmothers flower garden hexagons.  I love love love the chair.

Check out how beautiful and comfy this bedroom is.  I have always
liked the looks of it.
This hangs over the bed and it was painted by my friend who is a fabulous artist.  I will share more art of hers in the near future.

We are waiting for the last thing to come in to close on the new house.  It something to  do with the homeowners association and I guess they take their sweet time getting things done.  We are hoping that it will be this week tho'.  I'll keep you posted.

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