Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Old Gang Of Mine

I don't know if I told you this but we are an hour away from new house (relatively speaking; 6 years old) and the old digs. We hadn't even been gone five days when we were back again for a cocktail party. Thankfully, I am anal and had frozen rueben balls in the freezer to take as my contribution. It was fun and a tad sad to see my old cohorts; I feel a bit like I left them hanging, with our purchase and move being so last minute. But, it's not like their life revolves around mine. We gotta do what's good for our selves, right?

The one that has suffered the most is our baby Bella.  She first had to endure me not being able to play ball and other habits we had prior to the hip replacement. Then the sudden contract on the house and frantic getting rid of stuff and packing the remainder, made Bella a bit barfy.  (Literally).  Top that with the new digs?  She has no clue what's going on.

She had taken to playing with her toys that she hasn't touched in years.

She has been lying on this quilt that was in the chair facing the street in the man cave for a couple years and she is still fond of it, even though we got rid of the chair.  Look at what the sun did to the commercial fabric quilt that was folded up on Bella's chair.  Boy, that sun is strong!!!

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Robbie said...

It is hard on our little ones with the moves isn't it!! How is she going outside? Does she like the golf course! HA