Friday, March 28, 2014

What's Happening?

I am tending to be a woman of few words these days. That may be because my mind is going a million miles an hour. For the last two days we have had our new house completely rewired for tv's, wifi and hard wired two desks with internet. G still works via phone, fax, scanning, and other stuff so we need all the boosters and jumpers we can get. We have quasi adopted a kid that was one of our movers. His day job is cabinetry, and he teaches English at a local college and then, when he has time, he's a mover. But then, he still has time. He came over yesterday to help us move and take down a couple things. He also took some stuff that was left in the house off our hands. I now call him 'son'.

Today we go back to our old neighborhood for a doctor's appointment for the hip (coming along nicely, thank you very much) and lunch with friends. G has to deliver our golf cart to it's new owner, leave keys off, close the post office box, pick up his golf clubs from his old club, and retrieve our 'bar' that we gave to charity and now what back, mainly because we spent all of Tuesday looking for a new one to buy and weren't successful. My only hope is that this very worthy non profit isn't gonna gouge us!!! Just kidding!! I just realized that except for two or three evening events, I have worn the same running shoes for two months! They have a lift in one shoe along with my orthotics and so it's just easier, especially when I STILL can't squat, or bend all the way down. I am asking today how long that is gonna last.

The biggest problem with the new house is the view from the house to the street. The glass on the door doesn't go down low enough for Bella to see out. We had the same problem up north and changed the front door to accommodate her. G is not having that here so we are auditioning different items for B to sit on and stare out and bark at dogs going by.  So far, this ottoman at Target is probably not gonna make the cut (the tags are still on it!) because she is a little too short to look out unless she is on her butt and erect.  She needs a bigger ottoman.  There will be some shopping for that this weekend.

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Gayle from MI said...

Poor Bella! She looks so forlorn.