Friday, March 14, 2014

Winding Down

There's something about a phone message when they don't pick up saying, 'leave a brief message' that turns me into a crazy person. Ann, a dear friend from Atlanta left me just such a message when I tried to contact her.

So, in the Tommy way which I am so fond of, besides reciting the Gettysburg Address (with very few flaws; thank you Miss Minkle in the sixth grade) I described the last few crazy weeks I have lived through, in quite a bit of detail, also spouting profoundly on the state of the nation, health care and the like. I actually got tired before the machine turned off. Why say brief anyway? 90% of our house has been packed up and picked up.

Today we have 'our' movers place the few remaining things and the entire studio into a truck to be parked somewhere until we get the call that we can be ready to close. This shall happen anytime after the closing on this house on St. Pattys.

I am a good guesser and I say by weeks end, next week.  Here is a picture of the whole hand dyed wall that has been in shelving covered by the shower curtains now, gone.

This is what it looked like before I dyed a whole lot more and covered the shower curtains with four inch square hand dyed fabric.  Where's the picture of that?

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Robbie said...

Hope the whole process goes without a hitch, my friend! Take care!!! Don't overdo or stress...out of your hands!! Look forward to seeing your new setup!