Saturday, April 05, 2014

Amazon Prime

I have heard about the wonder of Amazon Prime from my friends for a long time. You pay something like $70 a year and all stuff you purchase is shipping free and next day delivery. All these people got almost everything from Amazon. Considering we lived on an island, it made sense to them. All I could think of was all that wasteful packaging. Yes, that is how my brain works. Then, I was discussing it and I was told that all the boxes etc are recyclable and if I wasn't getting it, some store who probably didn't recycle at all, would get it. So I finally came around. And in a very good way.

All the little things I need in a new move and I have gone store to store to find them, have shown up at my door the very next day. I will start to document the stuff I am buying. You will get a kick out the diverseness of it all.
I purchased this higher ottoman that matched the door and has storage for $60.  Bella likes it

although she is still a kid and likes to spy on passersby on her own two legs.  I auditioned the other ottoman but kept the tags on and covered it so it would be good as new in case I wanted to return it.  And now I will.  I wonder if I will  have Saturday delivery!!!!

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