Friday, April 04, 2014

Glorious Food!

Deborah from Minnesota, I think I found you on facebook but if not, email me directly so we can chat. I love a new neighbor!!!!

Oh, we are gonna walk now so I will have to finish this when I return.

I'm back.

I have some pictures of wonderful lunches I have had with my friends.

Turkey sandwich

Fish tacos

Wedge salad

Veggie Sandwich

Bacon sliders

Fried oyster salad

Fried shrimp


Lobster roll

Buffalo blue cheese fries

And not a wine glass in sight.

and this is what I have when left to my own devices.  See why I need my friends around?


Deborah Wasmund said...

...yummmm....& so beautifu!

Robbie said...

What's with the "no wine"?? Food looks yummy!!!!