Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Green Thumb

I have lots of orchids and I wanted to hang them in my trees in the hopes of saving them while I am gone for the summer. I looked all over the place for those little wooden crates that I have seen orchids in on Florida trees but couldn't find them. So I went on line and found out that they are called vanda's because they are used with vanda orchids. I don't know what kind I have and don't really care and some people I know try this with any orchid so I thought I would give it a try. If they die, they would have anyway.
These are the little wooden crates.  I ordered a dozen 4 inch ones because it cost almost as much to ship them to me as they cost; they are just under $4.

Here they are, adorably hanging in my palms.  I hope they are alive when we return in the fall!

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Robbie said...

You should have success...my sister lives in Penna. and she hangs hers outside in the trees all summer...they are always beautiful...and since you come back in the fall you should get them back inside before the cold weather..drops in temp too drastic will kill them...