Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hell's Kitchen

We did our first power walk yesterday in months and I mean months. I was the deciding factor when it was time to turn around, but Bella, she seemed fine at the time but she laid down on the cool tile for a couple hours, trying to recoup. For me it was baby steps, but a good start.
The highlight of the day was opening up the three boxes that were delivered by UPS from Bed Bath and Beyond.  We had ordered this magnificent Royal Daulton everyday dishes and they arrived in less than a week!!!  Yes, that is Gordon Ramsay on the box.  He looks cute but needs botox badly.
I am in love with the dishes.
Even the couch loves them.  We are all very happy here!  There will be no Hell's Kitchen here!!!!!


linda sperling said...

Yummy-looking dishes...and I bet, yummier food to come in those dishes!!!

maggie z. said...

i love the they match the couch color?? terrific...heal fast!!

Robbie said...

Cool dishes! Glad you are back power walking!!! Sure Bella is as well! Sounds like the hip is holding up well!!

Deborah Wasmund said...

Stumbled upon your blog & have enjoyed your commentary---I am moving from MN to Nokomis, Fla., in a week or so. House full of boxes & ready to nest somewhere. I have been a weaver for 30 years, but my current passion is mosaic, so your quilt designs interest me as a fiber person & a person who "pieces" together bits of art. Just an introduction so that you don't wonder who this strange woman is who may comment on your activities! deb