Friday, April 25, 2014


I am sitting here waiting for my BFF Jayne to come and take me somewhere while G is golfing. This picture was taken at my 60th birthday, when I cut off all my hair to go grey. That wasn't a good look for some as white as a sheet as I am. I have since gone back to being a bottle blond.

But, I digress. Jayne went to college together and were in the same sorority, AST's. We didn't hang much then because she joined the sorority long before I did and that was kinda like crossing an unmarked line. But the story of how we connected later was pretty funny and I have a couple minutes so here goes.

 I was at our neighborhood pool while the kids were having swimming lessons and saw this girl that looked familiar. This was probably 10 years after graduation from college. I finally went up to her and asked her where she was from, bla bla and we figured out how we knew each other. We got to talking and realized that her husband was our insurance guy (and was forever before he retired) and had been after Jayne to invite the Fitzsimmons' over for a cookout because we were new to the neighborhood and we were a client of his. She had put it off and put it off and so we decided to surprise the guys and they were gonna come over to our house for dinner, under the true premise of old college friends, not knowing what we knew about the husbands. Well, Jayson, Jayne's youngest was being a typical 3 year old and at the last minute she cancelled the dinner, to show the kid (who's now married and has his own 3 year old!) who was in charge. It was pretty funny, but since then we have hung out as a couple for thirty some years. She still lives in the neighborhood that she did back then. We for sure can't say the same. We have probably had ten houses since then.

 Anyway, they recently bought a winter place in Scottsdale and enjoying the warm and dry weather.  Now, we can visit each other in the winter  instead of just getting together in the summer time and over the holidays.  I think we need to refresh our photo, don't ya think?


Robbie said...

Enjoy hearing stories about your 'gal' pals...have fun! And post new pics!!

Gayle from MI said...

New old friends are the best.