Monday, April 07, 2014

Keeping Busy

I got fabric and patterns for some dresses (which is pretty much all I wear in good weather) and immediately made one back in January, before the hip and all.  It was too long and on the hanger forever and I decided to wear it anyway

and if it felt too odd, I would either give it to Goodwill or shorten it.  I ended up doing neither.  My belt drawer just happened to be open when I was walking by and I saw a black and white bead belt and thought to myself, 'that would work' and slipped it on and was happy as a clam.  I went into the man cave and had G take a picture of it.  I managed to uncover some of the other regular fabric and a couple patterns so I will busy myself with that if I find I am looking for stuff to do.

Right now I am making pillow shams and bed skirts and stuff like that.  Just washing and drying new towels takes all day.  I usually wash and dry them four times before they can go into the regular wash,  but I still have some wine colored towels from years ago here that still make water turn reddish when soaked.  I found that out when trying to use one to wash Bella's face.  She ended up with a pink tint!

Because the studio and 99% of its contents are off limits, and mostly because I labeled the boxes, 'STUDIO' rather than battery charger for the vacuum or de walt electric drill/screw driver, things that would come in mighty handy if I didn't have to open 80 boxes to find them, I am relatively screwed for now.   The floor was to have been already started and it's not so we leave in two weeks and therefore I decided to screw it and not have all those workers under foot while I am still here.  I have enough to keep me busy.  Plus, it's Florida.  Who knows when they will show.

I saw a commercial for Sparkle paper towels and was very impressed with the comical commercial about us not needing a paper towel that can hold a bowling ball or some such thing, and was determined to get some.

Yesterday was the day I finally saw it in the store and purchased it.  I haven't opened them yet but I have been a Bounty gal for a long time and then thought, why?  All I use them for are little messes, nothing big so why waste the money throwing paper in the trash that could have covered my roses in a frost?  Time will tell.  Anyway, I love the commercial and the 'fairy gal' that does them.  Kathy, my BFF who happens to be on her way to Paris, swears by them.


Synthia said...

LOVE your darling new dress!! Good save.

Robbie said...

Well, aren't you the cutie in your new dress!!! Adorable!