Thursday, April 10, 2014

Knitting Away

I'm a tad like a fish out of water, flopping around in this new, fantastic house. The studio is filled to capacity with boxes so I can't call it my own yet. I have been spending my evenings in the great room on the new couch. The tv doesn't have a box so I don't switch channels but watch the food network channel from around 8 p.m. to bedtime. I ran out of stuff that I was working on so went upstairs to the not yet studio and found a couple projects that I had set aside to work on when I thought we would be homeless.

One was a larger version of a sweater I made for Maggie Z's first granddaughter.  I had the yarn and it is always easier to make a sweater when you just finished one because your brain and hands are geared up for the same stitch.  I have that one done (I knit exclusively at night) except for the ribbon closures, which are boxed with all my ribbon and somewhere upstairs.

The next project was a little more difficult to just pick up and continue on.

It took me a couple hours to figure where I was in the process.  Once I got my sea legs, I had the parts all made and started to put them together last night (my least favorite part of knitting).  If I recall, the knitting store I purchased the yarn from doesn't sell the patterns but rather gives you the pattern when you buy the yarn.  This sweater called for 900 grams (100 grams too much) and at 100 grams a ball for $9.75, the sweater cost $87.75 without the needles or tax, and that's without it being made.

I was at JoAnn's yesterday and found this amazing Bernat super bulky taupe yarn that feels like chenille.  It cost $7.49, (on sale from $9.99) and with the senior discount, I got 20% off that.  Each ball is 300 grams so I can literally make the same sweater for less than $20.

Here's the comparison of the two skeins.  I love a bargain!


Robbie said...

Love the knitting...I've seen this yarn at joAnn' soft...really nice. I haven't knitted in so long...kills my fingers (next day! ha) but I didn't bring any needles with me this year and too much to work on, even at night. You sound like you are doing great!!! Take care!

Deborah Wasmund said...

Your projects are wonderful! I have my needles packed (our moving truck left today with our things), and hope to finish some projects, as we drive South. Cleaning our MN home tomorrow, leaving for Nokomis Sunday. We're exhausted & excited.