Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lunch With Jayne

I forgot to post this blog entry for yesterday.  I got caught up in our tight schedule.  I have a feeling the same thing is gonna happen today.  Maybe later.

Lunch yesterday with Jayne took place at the Wild Horse Pass Spa and Restaurant in Chandler, AZ.   It was a ride to Arizona at it's finest; nothing to be seen fro miles but clay and gravel with a little of bramble mixed in for good measure.

But lunch and the view did not disappoint.  We started out with splitting tortilla soup which was divine.  Just the best you could ask for. It had shredded pork and the tiniest bit of heat. Jayne is not a lover of hot spiced food and she found it perfect.

Jayne ordered the BLT salad which had mozzarella and very thick bacon, arugula, grape tomatoes and a balsamic glaze. I ordered the pork quesadilla the fixins but unfortunately I was not tasty because, even tho' we were the only one in the restaurant, they managed to burn the tortilla.  The part on the left was what I should have started with but instead I went for the one on the right that was scorched through and through.  Not good.  Jayne was kind enough to share her salad with me and we still had leftovers.  The portions were large.

Upon leaving the restaurant I happened by this massive bar with actual outside rock formations in it, not styrofoam look a likes.
In the same bar was this very interesting gathering place.  Lots of stuff in it that are not familiar  in my kinda decorating.

The hotel also had a quilt framed on the wall of morning quail, a very common bird around Arizona.

This is a view of the mountains and pool from the inside of the lobby.

My fave of all?  The doors.  They are a bit FLW, to my eye.  Which reminds me, we are gonna see one of his famous Taliesin when we get to get together soon.


Robbie said...

I love AZ...only been there once for 10 days but the best trip!!! Continue to enjoy!!!

Gayle from MI said...

I can't wait until I retire. Then I can be a lady who lunches too!