Monday, April 14, 2014

My Kitchen!

I have been asked about the kitchen in our new house so I thought I would show you it in photos.
Except for a four burner stove instead of my dream six burner, it is amazing in itself because the neighborhood has natural gas, which is a rarity in Florida.  The cabinets are darker than maple and I have no idea what wood it is.  The refrigerator is a Samsung and we keep leaving the freezer door open, not being used to anything but a straight side by side.

The microwave is also a convection oven, just as mine was at our last house.  There is a doorway into the dining room in between the pantry (next to the ovens) and then there is a nook that I am referring to as a butler's pantry.

We have dueling  coffee machines side by side, with Flavia being my favorite and Keurig being G's fave.

The sink island has a slight bar on the back of it that has four chairs around it.

The center island is currently used as a table for my cutting mat.  I started sewing stuff for the bedrooms but called a halt to it because I am still not flexible enough to keep going up and down to do things.  I  figure it will get done eventually and with only six more days before we travel home, I am not gonna frustrate myself.  

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Robbie said...

I'm sure it's not...but it does remind me of your home up north. Looks great and to have gas is GREAT!!! I dislike using the electric stove while in Florida! I always burn food! UGH!