Saturday, April 19, 2014

Playing With My Food

I have always questioned the mega amounts of mattress stores and couldn't quite get it until I overheard a conversation about the fact that we spend at least one third of our life in a bed. Then it kinda made sense to me; kinda.

Also, thanks to the new Maytag commercials, with the guy 'in' the appliance (refrigerator, double oven, dishwasher) I didn't really realize how much work a refrig does. Unlike other appliances that are used intermittently, the old ice box runs all the time. I have a new reverence for them.

Trying to use up some of the stuff in the freezer before we head north isn't always easy. My choices in the last couple days are iffy at best. G had an easier time picking out what he wanted, because with following lent rules, he had to go with the frozen cod for a sandwich or two. I, who have no religious scruples as far is eating is concerned, have the world as my oyster, yet what I had for dinner last night was, even in my eyes, weird.

I grabbed the second to the last lean and reading the front realized that 150 calories for dinner was not gonna cut it.  I then opened the snack cupboard and saw two bags of tortilla 'scoops' and decided to combine them together.

It's a poor pic, I know.  because the plate of my 'nachos' was in my lap and the camera (iPad) was above but you get the pic.  I heated the lean, drained it (there's gravy in the meat) and chopped up the meat and mushrooms along with the broccoli and put them inside the scoops and then added cheese and nuked it for thirty seconds. It was amazingly good.  Try it!  you'll like it!  Now, what's for dinner tonight!


Robbie said...

I feel your pain on cleaning out the frig before heading north!!! Geezz..our problem is everyone wants to meet for dinner before we head north!!!! Let's hope we can both "clean house"!!

Gayle from MI said...

When we moved into this house I decided I was not moving anything food related. We had some pretty interesting meals too! I even ditched any spices and staples that I couldn't remember buying. Took a whole year to replenish all of that. I like the Lean Cuisines the best but always end up adding something to them because they are not enough calories for a meal. Good call making nachos. I usually don't get that inventive! Have a safe trip back!