Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gold Canyon, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and Superstition Mountain, AZ, Already!

We are safe and sound in the dry state of Arizona. We stopped off at my daughters house to deposit Bella for a week (should be interesting) and we stopped by to see the grand babies, on the way to the airport, but Charlotte was sleeping so we just let her be and will see her next week when we return.

 Gordon was showing Violet some of the finer  finger skills in playing the bubbles game on the phone.  She's pretty darn good at it.

Our first stop, almost immediately after getting on the road in the rental car was to go to IN-N-OUT burger, which I haven't been to in several years.
We were there at a very odd time so our wait wasn't bad at all.  They have three things on the menu besides drinks and fries and those are a hamburger, cheeseburger and a double double.  They can make and serve you the best because they can have good and fresh inventory.
Yes, this was my burger wrapper and yes, it's still in my purse.  I know, there is something a bit off with this girl.

Our day today consisted awaking at 6 am (never, never happens) and both G and I coming to the same conclusion at the same time that we could not stay at the golf resort we were booked at for one more minute.  The problem with it, besides nit picky stuff was that you were all in little bungalows built into the lower part of a mountain and you had to hike up steep walks and stairs to get to the place, not to mention that parking was way the hell away from any facilities that we would be using.  Walking is one thing, hiking in rocks and boulders to get to your room?  It may be quaint for 20 year olds but not for 60 years + with a new knee (G) and a new hip (me).

We have now placed ourselves in a DoubleTree, a mile from a new and beautiful outdoor mall and lots and lots of walking paths that we took advantage in the morning after the sunscreen kicked in, (not to mention the caffeine).  We got in our exercising and had a lunch of lamb tacos and spinach enchiladas and I was then deposited to our suite to leisurely read, knit, shower, and wait for cocktail hour (soon) and wait for G to get back from the golf outing that was planned for today and tomorrow, with both days followed by, tonight, a casual dinner at the second home of our next door neighbors up north, and tomorrow, the wedding's rehearsal dinner.  The bride is the daughter of our aforesaid neighbors.  We will spend our remaining time with wedding festivities and then join up with two of our dear couple's friends for three more days of STUFF.  Life is good.


Robbie said...

Enjoy!!! Don't need to tell you to have fun!!

Gayle from MI said...

Sounds great! Have fun!