Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Taking Care Of Business

My lady of leisure
seems to have a bit of a hygiene issue.  Since I last got her teeth cleaned, she apparently has contracted gingivitis.  I was instructed by the vet that she needs daily tooth brushing.  I am a bit embarrassed to say that I have never done that.  Not to Bella or my old gal, Mazy.  Mazy lived to be 16 1/2 and never lost a tooth.  I guess I have to change my ways.

I purchased this kit to help get the ball rolling to combat any further deterioration.  The vet said that I just need a regular soft toothbrush and dog toothpaste but I feel like she was also compelled to sell some stuff in the store that sponsored the traveling tooth  cleaning van.  I haven't opened it yet because I felt like yesterday was taken care of due to the teeth cleaning.  Speaking of that, it only took twenty minutes, without putting her under, to clean her teeth.  It was pricy considering the time it took to do, but not as much as it would have in a surgical situation in the vets office.

Tired of seeing the real me teetering while getting used to my new longer (although even with the other leg, or so they say!) leg beneath the new hip, I became pro active and went and purchased yet another
lift to put in my left shoe.  It can be cut to fit my shoe and unfortunately you have to buy two, but the heel part is the only one I really need so I replaced one of the two I have in the left shoe for a new one and it has helped remarkably.  I am trying to be very aware of putting my heel down first and extending my stride just as my physical therapist told me to do.  Again, baby steps.


Mechelle said...

We give our dog Enzadent chews purchased at the vets office they are digestable rawhide bits that have something in them to prevent plaque etc - dog loves them and no need for tooth cleanings since she has been eating 1 per day for 3 years!!

Robbie said...

Kalee gets her teeth cleaned every night...I just use a doggie finger cot and doggie toothpaste..sometimes just and vet said just using a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger with water works just as well. I love my vet! The toothpaste is just so the dog allows you to put something in their mouth!!