Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tampa Or Bust

I can't believe it; I forgot to blog three times this week. I have to blame it on winding down the Florida season and the morning power walk. It's my only excuse.
My girlfriend Wendy picked me up yesterday morning to take a trip to Tampa.

There is my little girl looking at us depart.  She loves Wendy.  Our plan was to buy some shrimp to take up north and to pick up her Mom (who I adore) and go to lunch.  And that's exactly what we did!

We went to the Port of Tampa where the shrimp boats come and sell their wares.  We took coolers so we wouldn't have to rush.  Depending on what time of day the shrimp come in,  you could get them right from the boat.  They actually flash freeze them,  on the boat.  I chose 21-25 size.
I decided on 25 lbs.   It is so sweet and wonderful tasting.

You can buy them with or without heads.  I have had them both ways and cleaning shrimp isn't my favorite thing in the world to do, but taking out one step of it helps.

Then we were off to the Historic District of Ybor City.  We chose  Columbia for our lunch choice.

This is a terrible picture of the place.  It is surrounded with tile work of Spanish life.  The restaurant started out in 1905 right in Tampa after the owners immigrated from Cuba.  You can find other restaurants of theirs that sprang up in other Florida towns since then, all with the same name.

I chose a Tapa for lunch  of chrizo, lobster, tomatoes, and manchego cheese on flatbread, which is them drizzled with an piquillo pepper alioli.

The star of the restaurant is the Columbia's Original '1905' Salad'.  It consists of iceberg, with a very thin julienne of baked ham, swiss, and also tomatoes green olives (which I don't eat) grated romano and this salad dressing.  It is truly the bomb.  You can get the recipe for both salad and dressing on line.

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Robbie said...

I have that same dressing (back in Michigan from last year)...we ate at the restaurant in St. Pete's...delicious! If you ever get up to Homoassa area you have to go to The Freezer Tiki Bar! Fresh steamed shrimp that is out of this world!!! Get there early (by 4:00)...a cool place!