Monday, May 05, 2014


There was something very strange going on with Blogspot this morning.  I couldn't get it to open but I got a whole lot of information on Audrey Hepburn instead.  It just now freed up.  Very odd.  In the interim I made an ornament for Molly and Douglas.  I left my invite in the airplane so I had the mother of the bride scan one and send it to me.

The color of the invite didn't come out the chalkboard color the actual invite was(the happy couple are both teachers!)  and if the invite isn't real thick paper I can use the invite itself.  This particular card stock was way too thick.  I don't think the lighter grey will upset the boat.  I made two copies so I could fuse them back to back (I probably should have mirror imaged one of them but I didn't).  I used Wonder Under to fuse them together.   It works equally good on paper as it does on fabric.  Who knew?

I cut and curled the important parts of the invite and added beads and ribbons to the glass ornament.  It will be on it's way tomorrow to Molly and Douglas.


Susan Turney said...

What a wonderful treasure!

Robbie said...

I've seen you do this before on your blog...just hope the next wedding I'm invited to (most likely will be grand daughter - haven't been to a wedding in 10 years!!!)I'll remember this idea!!! So clever of you!