Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Farmer In The Dell

I wished yesterday that I had purchased the replacement plants for the front planters while I still had my motivational brother Bill still here.  Unfortunately

I didn't buy them until it looked like I would have to plant them myself.  The hail storm reeked havoc with all my plantings.  The burgundy sweet potato needed to be replaced

as well as the large coleus and that other green thing next to it in this picture which I wasn't replacing but just liked the looks of it and so added that to the planters.
This is the look of the planters after I took out the damaged plants.

Here it is with the new additions.  Gordon helped me plant them after he got home because I couldn't do it during the rainy day and we just had a window of no rain before it started to pour again.  Luck of the Irish.

Now I only hope that my luck holds.  The Blackhawks are down in the playoffs and they need the win tonight.  I was originally gonna go to the game but it's so early that getting there (stadium) is a problem so I relinquished my ticket.


Robbie said...

you've had worse storms than us...we are just having rain, which isn't good for golfer hubby!! Makes him an unhappy camper!!!

Gayle from MI said...

I wish we had rain here. It's miserable and muggy. Ugh! Your plants look great again!