Thursday, May 29, 2014

Freeze Ability

I have somehow lost my web master.  She had some health issues and dropped the ball last year.  As a result, I lost my domain name and had to take it from tommysartquilts to tommysquilts.  Unfortunately, I haven't updated the website for a couple years and frankly it is looking a little shabby and dated.  I am looking for a new web master and would LOVE any suggestions.  I want the whole thing redone.

Somebody sent me a link to various things that can be frozen and not lose any of its properties.  I was
just getting ready to chop a bunch of onions into 2 cup parcels and so had an interest in it.  Did you know you can freeze fresh herbs? chips? cabbage?  I have always froze rice, potatoes and pasta in serving sizes, but Doritos?  It never came to mind.  Very interesting!


jackie said...

You can also freeze eggs by putting them in ice cube trays. Then when a recipe calls for 1 or 2 you just take them out and let them thaw.

Robbie said...

Who knew! Not me!! Although, when we head to Florida, I put everything ad I do mean everything in the freezer!!! So, guess I did know!! :)

Colleen Kole said...

I used Kim Bruce at Artbiz dot com. She had things up and running quickly. I had to futz with photos but once I learned how through her tutorials, it was all good. My blog was transferred over later. Which reminds me, that I am really overdue for an overhaul and should update again….

She is prompt and reliable and updates the sites for bugs and stuff regularly.