Sunday, May 04, 2014

Friends and Food; Good Combo

We have had a slow weekend. G started feeling out of sorts on Friday afternoon, so on the way to the Hawks game, we stopped off at CVS for some stuff to make him feel better. It got him through the night but yesterday was another story. He slept all day and night. Today he has an afternoon Blackhawk playoff game that he said he was gonna take a pass on. He really must feel crummy.

I am so missing my girlfriends.  If I could have, I would have stuck them in my suitcase and brought them home with me.  I took lots of pictures while I was with them and will periodically show you some. 

The girls had quesadilla for one lunch and we couldn't even believe how cute the salsa was in corn husks.  My thought on doing this at home is to make the corn husk 'boat' half the size and make them for the guac and the creme fresh too.  Okay, it's a lot of work and would look very busy but I am, after all, from the school of over due.

It's so cute, isn't it?

I had fish tacos which, although admirable, didn't have the plating quality that the quesadilla did.  Is that someone modeling their ring in the top right of the photo?  Milly, is that you?

Now, off to another lunch.
This is a flat bread that was in the bread basket at the
italian chain restaurant, Brio. It was love at first taste.

The waitress said that they get them in the restaurant from a supplier and they just heat up.  The topping on this lavash is comprised of flax seed, rosemary and parmesan.  I am so gonna make it myself.

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Robbie said...

It's almost 11 p.m. and you're making me hungry! Can you tell I'm catching up on my blog reading!!