Monday, May 26, 2014

Iron Chef Day Three

We started out yesterday with some planting (and replanting) by my brother and G. I lost some basil in the hail storm we had last week. I also had the guys do some other planting and switch up the spring flags for red, white and blue ones for the holiday. Oh,
happy Memorial Day!
We went out to  lunch and was photo bombed!  I didn't even know what that meant!  Here we have Regina in witness protection garb along with sis Mike and Claudia and me.  We had fun.

Unfortunately, my photo taking skills didn't kick in with last nights dinner
until too late.  We went to a welcome back cocktail and arrived home just in
time to sit at the table for shrimp scampi and filet with fried potatoes and salad.  The camera
didn't cross my mind until it was all eaten.  Sorry Claud and Mike.  It was a great dinner tho'.  Time management and a few wines threw me off my game.  But I did get a pic of the dessert

which was the best looking of the evening anyway.  It consisted of pound cake, blackberries and lemon curd, topped of with sweet whipping cream.

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