Tuesday, May 06, 2014

It's Not All Happening At The Zoo (No Matter What Simon and Garfunkel Say!)

We originally decided to go to the zoo (Phoenix) to ZipLine.   We find out while paying our entry fee (which, we found out is a plus to be a senior!) the the line closed a half hour before we got there.  Problems that I wouldn't want to have while going across the lions den!  So we did a little perusing.

We first encountered the flamingoes.  They are something to behold.  I am always caught up by the way their bodies can configure.  It seems so wrong.

It almost hurts to see the way their necks nestle into their feathers and the way

their knees can bend forward.  I can't think of any other
species that does that, although I am sure there are many that do.
Here we are, at an advertisement for the ZipLine, feeling both relieved and at the same time, just wanting to get it off our bucket list.

We made sure that they actually had a ZipLine and vowed to do it when we all get together in September in California.  We seem to be taking turns at each other's houses.

We decided to go on a camel ride.  Jayne and I went and Nancy took a pass.
I got the drivers seat (seniority?)  We felt like we were on a kiddy ride.

Every one was calling to us to look this way and that.  Our camel had the cool name of Crockett.

I insisted on calling him Davey.  He liked to sway back and forth and I thought he might dump us, considering we had no seat belts but he didn't.  He was a sweetie and liked to get pets and baby talk.

For the longest time we watched the giraffes.  They were in a field with gazelles and antelope.  All of a sudden, with no reason apparent, the giraffes started to take off in the same direction.  It was soon apparent that the basket holding their food was being slowly moved down the pole it was on to a level that the giant animals could reach.

It was feeding time.

They were very slow and dainty at the eating bucket.  I asked an attendant  why they went for this basket when I saw that there was another one in the field with the grass in it and at a height that they could get to.  She said that it was the morning feeding and they eat all the good stuff out of it (alfalfa, etc.) and then it stays there with the left overs in case they aren't as picky and want a snack between meals.  How cute is that?

We did most of the zoo, seeing snakes, scorpions and rodents (Phoenix stuff), along with bald eagles (that could no longer fly) and lots of other creatures.  We were supposed to go to the Chihuly glass place across the highway but it was getting late and cocktail hour was approaching; you get the picture. Because we have all seen the exhibit before, we took a vote and wine won.

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