Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pretty As A Picture

We have another Blackhawk game tonight but I am not on the guest list. Maybe I will don my jersey and watch, uh, the food network! I can't remember watching a sporting event on tv for a very long time.

My friend Frank, from California, always sends me crazy photos he takes.

When I got this one it was labeled -A friend of a friend.  Wow, my friends don't look like that, even the ones who have dogs.

This latest photo is something that I covet.  I would knock this off in a nano second if I had a drop of space left in my yard that isn't adorned.  This could be wood, metal or ceramic.  Every park in the world should have this in it.  Ya think?

The plumbers just got here to put expansion tanks on our water heaters.  It's something that almost everyone in Florida have and so I want the trend to start up north too.  Why?  I have no idea.

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