Thursday, May 01, 2014


Wow!  I am really behind.  I have over two hundred pictures to process from the rest of our Arizona trip and that was only five days worth!  I guess we really packed a lot in that time.  I shall go in order, and with baby steps, show you in a condensed manner, what I have been up to.

After lunch with Jayne on Friday, I just got back in time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner for Molly and Douglas.  It was at a olive oil mill , out in the middle of nowhere and we almost missed it a couple times because it looked like a factory, and it really was, with a retail store in the front and a restaurant somewhere else on the premises.

The event took place in a tent and at the last minute they had to put sides on it because the wind was picking up and being in the desert, that's not so good for a festive time.

Here is the happy couple.  They have since married and gone back to Houston but at the time of this shot, they were still single for a day.
This was the 'flower' arrangement I had made from some of the adornments and ribbons that were on the gifts that people brought for Molly at the bridal shower I had for her in the late fall.  She used it earlier in the day as her bouquet for the actual rehearsal.

Here is the tent set up where we ate and chatted and watched an adorable movie of the two of them.

The bar was set up,

as was the tea bar with any kind of tea you could want.  I chose to pass on that.

Our friends, Billy and Sue came from the midwest

to join in the festivities along with the parents of the bride. (and my next door neighbors) Gerry
and Laurel

Oh, how did this picture get in there?  It's G and me.

To round out our table was Nicole and Michael.

We all had a good time and joined up the next day, just with different clothes on.  I gotta go through those pics.  Later.

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Robbie said...

You and G look great!!! Winter does wonders for a person as long as you aren't in 'snow country'!!! Glad you had fun...can't wait to see more pics! did you get to zip??