Monday, May 12, 2014

The Crops

Wow, I was more than a little concerned last night when dusk came and with it was lots of lightening and thunder and wind.
I spent most of the day planting.  Here are my seven pots of basil.  Each one has three plants in them and they are posed on the back deck which gets most of the bad weather.  We often drag them into a sheltered corner during a storm.  It took me twice as long to do all the planting because I still can't go all the way down and have to sit on a stool to do low stuff.

This year I decided to go with just plants and not flowers in my five commercial pots that adorn the entry way to the house.  You can't tell from this pic but there are five different plants in here; two of which are the light green and dark purple sweet potato vines which grow quickly and tumble over the edge.  In a month they will be the bomb.

This is half of my herbs.  The thyme (bottom of the photo) survived the winter, which is amazing considering that the roads didn't!!!!    To this plot I added three italian parsley, two dill, two rosemary and one sage.  I also have mint and chives separate due to their wondering roots.  I feel like Tom Thumb right about now!

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Robbie said...

And Tom Thumb you should be! How cool...I'm lazy and just walk around our market to pick least I get outside, right!!