Friday, May 02, 2014

The Real Thing

Okay, it's time now for the real thing.
We traveled happily to the church.  It was about as cold and cloudy as Scottsdale gets so there was a lot of concern (rain, etc.) but it came and went, leaving a beautiful day for Molly's wedding.  The church was pretty modern and I loved the feel of it.

It was impossible to get any good shots of the couple getting married.  There were three rows of heads before my row (I was in the cheap seats) and to make photo taking even more difficult, the wedding party sat down for the majority of the service making my job (ha ha) even more difficult.

I did catch the happily married couple dashing to a car that wasn't as big as they had hoped.

I think they were trying to ditch some of the bridal party.  Maybe not enough room in the car?

This was our table at the country club reception.  I know because my black purse is front and center.  Originally it was to be outside but the rains came and so the party was moved to the inside.

The cake was very cool.  Succulents on a wedding cake; second time for me in a year.
How shocking to see anything Notre Dame at this wedding.  The grooms cake (he went there) was happily thumbs up- ed by the brides dad because he went there too.  The bride did her thing at William and Mary.

They did a lot of this stuff.  I think that's a good thing!!!

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Robbie said...

What a nice wedding!!! So when do you head north? We leave on Sat. Sad to go but ready to be in my own house!!