Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Right Fit

I spent most of the last three hours working on making my new sandals (wolkys) work for me. I bought them in Arizona while visiting because I loved the pair that Nancy had. My whole problem is wearing orthotics. Most sandals don't hold the plastic arch in place and I just walk them right out of my shoe.
The black one is the one I bought and brought home with me.  That is my orthotic in it.  The other pair, I had to order because they didn't have my size in all the funky colored ones.  So far I have walked out of the black ones several times.  I have tried double sided tape and it works for a few minutes at best.  Now I am trying iron on velcro.  Yeah, ironing on plastic and leather is odd at best.  I only have the sew in type so I am trying to see if that works.  If it lasts a while, I'll get some of the sticky velcro and try that.  I am doing all this because if one pair doesn't work, the other pair will not work and I will need to return them.  I am crossing my fingers (or rather my toes).  I have to do a lot of walking to try them out.  This is my first regular day that I will not be wearing my cross trainers with the lifts in them.  My girlfriends told me to get rid of the lifts and get used to the LEVEL legs.  Okay girls, today's the day!

How is it that I never seem to miss seeing the buoys being put in the lake in the back of my house each year?  It's not as though I get notice, or that they do it on a particular day and time.  I just seem to look out the window and there they are.  It takes approximately one minute to drop

the no wake/swimming zone buoys in.  They can do the whole Indiana lakeshore in less than a half hour.  I gotta say, my timing is pretty spot on.


Gayle from MI said...

One of my friends uses the industrial strength automobile velcro (the kind that holds your GPS to your dashboard) No extra glue necessary. She buys the rolls and then just puts one side on the orthotic and uses a bunch of the other side for her sandals. Has never had a problem with them coming loose or anything. They have it at JoAnn Fabric too!

Mechelle said...

Why not get sandals that have a removeable insole and just replace w/full length orthotics? Like Alegria, some Aetrex, some Naot brands? I have all these brands and don't need an orthotic at all because of the great arch support, but the insole can be removed/replaced if needed in some styles - zappos has em all!