Saturday, May 31, 2014

This And That

Bella and I went out first thing this morning to get a few errands done before it got too hot to take her. It's supposed to be around 90º. I did the same thing yesterday morn but by the time I got to the store it was 85º so I just came right home and dropped her off. I think that's too hot for a dog, especially when my car has black interior.
 I went to Hobby Lobby for some yarn and got home and looked at it.  The two skeins were not remotely the same color.  As I said to my sis on the phone this morning, Stevie Wonder could have noticed the difference.  What a rope a dope.

Here's the link for  freezing various things.

I am going to watch the farmers market and put all this knowledge to use.

We were more than a little excited to wake up this morning to a Blackhawk win in L.A.  last night.  That means that they are tied, 3 to 3 and the final game, which I shall be in attendance for, is tomorrow night.

Thanks a bunch to Candy for hooking me up with a new web master.  I think the pairing of the two of us will work out fine.  We are gonna talk next week.

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Robbie said...

I sure agree with our dogs & cars. I'll take Kalee if it's below 70 & leave sun roof open. Otherwise, I use our remote start & leave the air conditioning on. More times than not in the summer, she has to stay home..winter & fall are best times for them..congrats o your team! Have fun at the game!