Friday, May 09, 2014

What's Going On

We woke up to rain this morning. I can't remember the last time that happened. It rarely rains before mid day in Florida and I haven't been back long enough to experience rain here. It was a nice sound. G is finally over his cold/flu and just in the nick of time to join his brother and my brothers in Minnesota for the start of walleye season. It's a yearly trek and I like it for nothing less than using up the random food still in the freezer. Those guys will eat anything!!!

The iron on velcro on the orthotic and shoe didn't work. The loop of duct tape did however. I am going to take my BFF Gayle's suggestion and use the industrial pre glued zelcro instead. I just don't like the idea of wearing a roll of duct tape on my wrist for the rest of my life and it's hard to conceal in a purse!

I am finally getting down to doing something besides knitting.  I got out the fish quilt and
started pin baste it with the plan of quilting it while G is gone.  I don't know what happened to my basting pins but I don't have enough to pin this quilt completely.  It really doesn't matter because I go from the center out and the first thing I do is take away some pins that are in my way.

When I packed up the quilt top to bring up north, I had the good sense to bag up all the threads I used to piece then down.  That way I don't have to hunt around for the right color, AGAIN!  I just have to remember to return them to Florida so I don't run out of thread there!


kay said...

Hey Tommy- I am an O.T. and use sticky back velcro when making splints. Hint: heat the sticky back using a heat gun or cig lighter first for better adhesion!

Mary Ann said...

How about double sided rug tape?

Gayle from MI said...

that fish quilt is really shaping up. Can't wait to see it finished.

Deborah Wasmund said...

Tommy, loving Nokomis! Saw your quilt (pretty fun, by the way!), & thought I'd tell you about my new project: a swimmable mermaid tail for our 5 yr old. Picked up some dark pink/ magenta swimsuit fabric, full of sparkles, at Jo Ann's ---hoping it turns out . Have a great day! deb (from MN)