Saturday, June 07, 2014

Cling And Pop!

I took a trip to my local nursery yesterday to get a few filler plants and flowers that needed a home in some clay pots I unearthed in the garage. When my hands were full of stuff I noticed this lovely plant and checked out the price to pay for it with the rest of the stuff and come back to get it while going to the car.

I explained what it looked like, where it was located in the nursery and how much it cost. I was told it was a black eyed susan vine and it needs pretty much full sun. While the girl was putting it in the back seat (it's about 3 feet tall) she said to watch where you put it because in a day it will vine around anything in the area it is in and cling, not wanting to let go. She couldn't have told me that, say, before I paid for it?  It is standing on the front stoop, away from everything and I am a bit afraid of it, not wanting it to become a kudzu wanna be.  It's very cute tho'.

Gordon gifted me a box of 20 skinny pop popcorn bags.  I love the stuff (it is so clean tasting) and end up eating the bag I get at the grocery that is 4.5 servings at one sitting.  There is no way in hell I can just be satisfied with one of these bags; maybe three?  I will try and limit myself and not eat them all this weekend!

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Robbie said...

this must be a Costco or Sam's product...haven't seen them before...but will try! So has your 'vine' climbed around Bella yet???