Monday, June 23, 2014

Day Two Of The Show

This is so darn cute!  Aptly named 'Tutti Frutti Main Street' by Susan Bleiweiss.  It is raw edge fused.

There is just something about some of these old patterns that catch my eye.  The name of this quilt by Patricia Hammeke is 'Old Fashion Charm/Card Tricks'.  I made one when I first joined a guild, about twenty or more years ago.

Here is a closeup on the construction of it.

The Hoffman Challenge this year was stupendous.  I love this design but go to this link
and check out the winners.  You are gonna love it.

This quilt is made up with lots and lots of 1 1/2" finished nine patches.  I can't even imagine
how long it took to make.  The name of it is 'Oh My Gosh!' because everyone that sees it
says just that.

The quilter is Diane Tenney.

My dad would have loved this quilt.  He used to make his own lures. Dawn  Piasta did this
lovely and bright lure  composition and named it 'Waterhen Special' and Waterhen is a remote fishing and camping place in Canada.

This has a lot of digitized embroidery on it to depict various places around the work.  It is a beautiful piece and was done by Noriko Nozawa entitled 'Photographer Darling'.
Kathy York did this fun quilt called 'Windows'.

'Spider Lilies' is another one that I just love.  The quilt maker is Gjelten Weichselbaum.  Say that name three times fast!

This is Frieda Anderson's 'Dandelions'.  It's a favorite of mine.  I didn't get to see Frieda on Sunday because she went to Florida for her granddaughters baptism.

And I am a sucker for a circle so I was in hog heaven when I saw Carol Morrissey's 'Roses In The Window'  The colors are wonderful too.

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Feel like I took a trip and didnt leave the farm! Thanks!