Sunday, June 29, 2014

Due Diligence

We have returned from Florida. Like I said, it was a very quick trip. I have had workers in the house for the last two months and with final payment coming up, we decided to see what was accomplished. First off, we had the place painted.  We had four fans removed and replaced with more contemporary ones with lights and remotes. We also added five more fans. We are very big on having the house completely opened without air conditioning, if possible, and fans help tremendously.

I had the carpeting taken out in four rooms and replaced with bamboo wood. I had floor outlets put in the studio before the floor was put in so that I wouldn't have cords going everywhere. Most of the walls are either glass or doors and so the floor outlets were a must. I had a hanging light fixture removed to be replaced by a ceiling outlet for my long arm cord to hang from so that it doesn't get caught up on the floor with drag on it.

And then came the boxes.  If I had to guess I would say I opened and emptied over a hundred boxes.  My shelving that I brought from the other house had to be placed in

odd places, to accommodate the minimal wall space.  These remaining six boxes were also emptied before we headed north; they were just the last hangers on with no place to go.  Commercial fabric, or Tommy's store, as we like to call it.  I even had two shelving units put in

an adjoining room for miscellaneous items.
These pictures were taken when I wasn't completely aware of what I was up to.  It looks better now but  I am quite sure that everything will be moved around as I get the feel for it.  I just didn't want to show up in the fall with everything having to be tackled.  I feel very happy with the progress.  G was a big help too.  We have a gigantic store room and so we broke down all the boxes (they were all heavy duty) and saved them.  I figure someone sometime will need them and I have always felt like it was a crime to just toss them in recycling when they cost so much for such a short time.  And the fact that G went along with me, was a major miracle.

I noticed these trees all over the place and commented to G that they must be a new species  because I had never seen them before.  My brilliant other half said that he would guess that they were always here but, because I have never been to Florida in June, that I have never seen them bloom and without the flowers, they just look like a plain tree.

He was so right.  Quickly I realized that they were all over the place, in all colors and that there was no way in hell that they could have planted all these trees since we left at the end of April.  Does anyone know the name of them?


sistersoftheart said...

The studio is looking good! And the bamboo floor is great - put one in my studio and love it! The trees are crape myrtles. The branches are cut way back in the winter and then grow back in spring/summer in a variety of colors. They are very prevalent in the south and grow quickly.

Robbie said...

If I had your studio in Florida I'd be a lot happier about heading south for the winter...I know I shouldn't complain but we only go south so hubby can golf and be HAPPY! I hate leaving my house...funny story about the trees!!
Studio looks great...good for you!!!

Gayle from MI said...

Great progress on your studio! I don't blame you for wanting to put it in some kind of order before you arrive for the winter. Hope you enjoyed being "unconnected" for a bit of time. Always makes me see how much time I waste during the day.

SpikeMuffin said...

Bamboo floors, beautiful!