Sunday, June 08, 2014

'Everyone Out Of The Pool'

I realized yesterday, when I was taking down the latest finished quilt, 'Everyone Out Of The Pool', from the big design wall, that I never showed you what it looked like as complete.
It's a wonder it ever got done with all that has gone on in the interim from start to finish!  I decided, once again, to live by the famous Jean Ann adage of 'enjoy the process'  because the outlining can mess with your eyesight after a while.  This outlining is not a one hit wonder.  I really liked doing it, a bit at a   time.

It's finished measurement is 41" x 47".

My next project is a very 'double secret' one.  I have to have it (or them) completed by March of next year and I can't breathe a word or show a morsel of any of it to anyone in any form.  And that is just to pass the first of two juried processes.  Wow, what have I put myself into?  Knucklehead, yeah that's what I am.