Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Everything In Its Place

I am going to put together another 12" square quilt exchange.  Let me know if you are interested.  I think that five or six participants like we did last year would be good.  Maybe a deadline of October 15th?  I want the deadline to be before I go to Florida for the fall house check.  Email me.  First come, first serve.

I am over the moon. It takes so little in the organizational department to give me goosebumps.  I should have a job at the Container Store.  Anyway,  I was looking at Pinterest, which I rarely do anymore due to the waste of time I feel like it is.  I happened upon a suggestion of putting spice jars in a mop holder contraption.  Within thirty seconds I found out that there are actual holders for spices and you can purchase them on Amazon

Prime for eight bucks with free shipping and next day delivery.  I purchased enough for sixty jars.

My spice cabinet could use a lot of work, even thoughI have those steps inside the lowest
shelf so that I can see the ones behind.  I have to watch the placement; I already made a mistake because I put these first two down too close to the hinge and so, except for the perfect photo, in real life the last  jar in each row at the far right will have to fit elsewhere.  Otherwise I can't close the cabinet door!!!!!  Always in such a hurry!

I am giddy.  This is only the first pack of 20 holders and I haven't even touched any of my glass jars or my questionable off brand jars.   I thought you would like to see the red perfection before I continue to be the most organized person in Indiana!!


linda sperling said...

Wow Wow Wow...and probably alphabetically too!!

Elizabeth Bennett said...

I found these earlier in the year and love them. I have found some of my spice jars (particularly fatter jars or heavier glass jars) don't work as well as the McCormick jars -- they slide down and bump the shelf when I close the door (heavier weight, I guess)... but getting many of the jars off of the shelf has made life SOOOOO much easier.

Irene said...

Thank you. Our new house has less kitchen space, so need all the storage ideas I can get until the big remodel. Target to wait till December, but I doubt I can stand it that long. Lots of cabinets but shallow, and narrow doors. Cannot even get a serving platter in the doors. Eck -older house with original 60s

Robbie said...

My DIL needs this!!! A great BD gift for her & grand kids can help me install!!!