Sunday, June 22, 2014

First up

Here's a little preview of the Chicago International Quilt Festival that I worked and attended yesterday.

I had a lot of fun at the SAQA station, explaining what the organization was for, explaining our exhibits and getting new members.  It's just fun to sit and chat with other artists, swapping thoughts and ideas.

I did a pretty silly thing when I got to the Rosemont Convention Center (I think it's called something with Stephens in the word now).  I parked and walked the mile in the enclosed walkway to the entrance of the show and realized that I didn't pay a drop of attention to what floor out of some twenty or so floors that I left my car.  I figured I would be more than a little tired at the end of the day to figure it out so back I went to the parking garage and starting at the top, went to each floor until I found my car.  I even had the foresight to pay for my parking while all those pay machines were free of lines too.  The rate was a flat $13 no matter when you left so it didn't matter that I pre paid.  Always thinkin', this brain of mine (not!).

Up first is 'Fifty Shades of Groovy' by Leslie Jenison.  It was the first quilt that caught my eye.

'Rhythm and Blues' was done by Anne Deister.  I love the color placement  and if I made it it would be upside down to me.  That's just how my brain works.
A group in Eureka, California did this group quilt entitled "Honey, I Can't Find My Earrings!'  It resembles my jewelry drawer!
In this close up you can see the separation of each artist.  There were seven in all.

Adorably labeled as 'It Takes The Case' by Karlyn Lohrenz.
It was all done by machine.
With inspiration taken from the transit line maps in the cars, Erin Davis came up with her rendition
of 'Chicago (by train)'

Heather Pregger, who I was fortunate enough to meet last year at the SAQA booth in Houston did this award winner, 'Tuning Fork #11'  Love it.

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Gayle from MI said...

Some day I'll get myself to this show. Just always seems to be at the wrong time. Great quilts though.