Monday, June 09, 2014

Linen Envy

I am so done with duvets. What a pain in the neck they are. Back in the day when I had two of the best housekeepers (one at a time) that anyone could dream of, I couldn't have cared less because none of the removing the cover, washing and ironing it, sending the duvets to the cleaners; reattaching the duvet to the cover with some semblance of a good fit wasn't anything I had to deal with. Not so much now. I am a keen supporter of the bed in a bag concept. I have a mounting supply of duvets that are no longer in use. I have eliminated three in the last three weeks.

So now I am back to embellishing linens.

This particular sham came with a comforter that was white, grey and purple.  Why not have some purple on it?  Out come my paints.  I decided to add royal blue and purple to have a larger palette in which to pick my accessories from.

I put a piece of cardboard under the top fabric and start to paint with royal.  When that dried I added some purple.

I think it makes the sham pop, don't you?  And it's as simple as doing a page in a coloring book.  You just paint inside the lines and even if you go out a little bit, who knows but you, the artist!

This accent pillow that was included with the 'kit' was just two outlines of the flower, a purple one and a grey one.  You can't tell well in this photo but i added the center with purple and royal too.

This is the comforter as it was when it arrived here.  Today it will get a little face lift too.

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Robbie said...

You are so clever aren't you! And all I did today was talk fiber with four other ladies and have wine at lunch....oh well.
Colors are great for the pillow does "pop"...