Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Diamond In The Rough

I thought that maybe the problem with my sewing machine yesterday was it being in constant use but when I really thought about it, that was indeed not the case. I spent the majority of the day with my seam ripper, undoing problem after problem with a quilt I was adding on to.

Here is a picture of my screen that shows up when I turn on the sewing machine.  I have always wondered if, after the sewing machine is designed and manufactured for the first time, did someone actually sew on it?  Why I say this is

that this screen goes down to the table where I rest my arms on when sewing.  This screen is to the right as I look at the sewing machine.  Any pair of scissors or a seam ripper that rests on the table in front of this screen often changes the stitch I am doing and if I have a single hole throat plate on and/or a 1/4" foot, it breaks the needle.  Anyway, this is a normal view of the screen.  Midway through a seam yesterday, it just stopped and

this took over the screen.  It says on the top of all this gibberish to take a photo of the screen and email it to product  Modern technology at it's finest.


sophie said...

That screen reminds me of some old-school machine programming ... it looks like a stack overflow. I hope they will resolve the problem for you soon.

Gayle from MI said...

E-gads! Not the despised blue screen???? It must be a windows product huh? My friend has a machine like yours and it just stops sewing for no reason. No blue screen though. She's had it in three different repair shops so far with no luck. They all say it's fine for them. Good luck!

Robbie said...

Maybe it's time for a 'hand job'! Beading perhaps?