Sunday, June 01, 2014

Recycling The Trash

I was cleaning some shrimp yesterday and as I completed the task, I decided to take all the shells that we all saved from our Iron Chef weekend that were in the freezer and make shrimp stock.  For what, I don't have a clue but it can freeze and be used for cooking flavor, soups or whatever I happen to fancy.

The shells added up to being about 2 1/2 pounds.  I made a bouquet garni of parsley, peppercorns, bay leaf and thyme

and wrapped it up in cheese cloth.  In a stock pot I put all the other ingredients

to making a bomb stock.  Mirepoix consisting of carrots,garlic,  celery, some of the frozen onions I prepared this week, the stems of shitake mushrooms I had saved from another recipe I am making (they are flavorful but rubbery and not appetizing but good for soups and stew broths).  Added to this was the shells and 2 3/4 quarts of cold water.
I brought all of this concoction to a boil and then simmered it for an hour.

I drained it and put it in an ice bath to cool down quickly.

This container is a gallon so it made just over a half gallon.  Not bad for something that would normally be thrown away.  You can make a fish stock (fumet)  the same way with the trimmings after your man (or you, if you are a man) goes fishing and unlike mine, actually brings home fish!  They freeze well.

Our tickets are laid out and ready for tonight,  as is

my jersey and lucky red boots.  I think I will put a penny in the boots.  That should help.

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Robbie said...

Speaking of penny in the boot...when we were younger, my mom always made us put dimes in our shoes in case we needed to call home!!! And, when we got older, we would always have to 'ring' once when we got home to let 'mum' know we got home ok. Funny...but I still make my kids (47 & 45!) 'ring' once! Good luck tonight...have fun!