Thursday, June 19, 2014

Take A Little Time Shopping!

I have been getting a couple quilts ready for quilting on the longarm when my sister comes next weekend and when I came to a apple core  'hand job'  that I have worked on for probably the last 10 years and measured it, the size was more than my largest batting.  I usually buy by the bolt and my warm and natural goes up to 90" by whatever,  but I just didn't want to piece the batting so I went online to find something bigger.  I found a king warm and white at JoAnns that was on sale for $44.99 (this price being 40% off)  but my purchase needed to be over $90 for free shipping so I put it in my cart and with sales tax $3.18 and shipping at $7.95, the

price went up to $56.12.  It seemed outrageous to me.  So I went back to typing in warm and white king batting into the google box and came up with

Warm Company Batting 120-Inch by 124-Inch Warm and White Cotton Batting, King

with no tax, shipping and because I am a prime member, I get it in two days.
JoAnns needs to rethink their pricing system.  They were always my price point to go to but I am seriously rethinking that after becoming a amazon prime member.  That price varies by 23 bucks.  I need to take Amazon more seriously in the future.


Mechelle said...

I've also found cotton batting at good prices on of all places - they send it and its ready to pick up at the back of the store in a couple of days!

Robbie said...

I think I 'google' everything before I buy it any more. Just gives me a good idea on lucked out big time! Good for you! If looking for books, check out

They compare prices all over the web...