Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Base=ics

Sometimes i get a hankering for mushrooms and gravy. I have even ordered a dinner in a restaurant that I didn't even want so I could get the gravy. I tasted the most excellent gravy and mushrooms on a plate of dinner Gordon had at a restaurant, accompanying a stuffed pork chop, and I haven't gotten it out of my mind.
I always relate a meal of meat with gravy because I always used the drippings for the gravy.  I am not a big meat eater so that doesn't come around that often.  Plus, we grill mostly and you get nothing to work with with grilling.   So I tried something I have known about but never used personally.  Flavor base.  It comes in beef, mushroom (vegan), pork, turkey and ham and probably other types that just don't come to mind.  I started out with beef.

The stuff is simple to work with and doesn't take any more time than regular gravy.
I cut up mushrooms and sautéed them.  I then tried something that I purchased a while back but
never got a chance to try.  It is
already cooked polenta that you just slice and cook in any manner you want.  I chose to grill it along with some pork chops for G (he didn't know that I was serving pork with beef gravy; don't tell him!)

The  polentaI make  is better than this tube of it.  I normally think of polenta as a bit sweet but this one was not.
If I use it again I would sprinkle the lightest touch of sugar on it.  Other than that, I was thoroughly happy with the results.

And the recipe I got on line for the gravy using base was for more than a gallon.  I cut it in half and now have gravy for the summer.  The recipe called for caramel coloring but I have never heard of it.  It would probably make the gravy much darker.  Maybe I will check on line for it.  I froze the rest of the gravy.  Otherwise I know me and I would be drinking it!


Gayle from MI said...

Instead of caramel coloring you could try Kitchen Bouquet which will do the same thing. It's an all natural coloring made from veggies. No salt or sugar added either. My Mimi always used it in roasts and that kind of thing. You can find it in the grocery store probably near the smoke flavoring and that kind of thing. I use it a lot and I don't remember when I bought this bottle because a little goes a long way. Probably time to replace it!

Arleen said...

Tommy, I am a vegan and sometimes have Tofurky for Thanksgiving. There is a wonderful recipe for mushroom gravy on the side of the package that it comes in. It looks like you have enough gravy to last the millennium however should you want to try something different is tasty.

Arleen said...

Last sentence should read: it really is tasty! You can google the recipe.