Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Three's A Charm

This is another Kathy York quilt and it's name is wonderfully whimsy.  It is called 'You Are What You Eat'.  In my case, I hope not!

Doesn't this look like it could be a photo?  But no, it is definitely a quilt.  I would like to hug this dog.
It was done by Masanobu Miyama and titled 'Wind'.

I was in a Nancy Crow class when Kathy Loomis started this quilt.  It is very graphic and I love it.  The title is 'Brown Planet, a Collaboration and she also gives credit to Norma Sclager.

There was a sold sign on this portrait of 'Lincoln' by Virginia Greaves.
Check out the close up.

I was more than a little surprised when we went around a corner and look what was there?  My 'Linkin Park' quilt.  I had no idea it was gonna be in this show too.  It was at Houston and they must have held it for the Chicago show.  I really should be a little more observant.

This beauty was hanging right across from where I sat for a good three hours and I could't stop looking at it.  The quilt is lovely, don't get me wrong, but the construction was what blew me away.

It is made up completely by using finished 1/2" squares.

A woman standing by it with me said that she didn't have enough time left in her life to do something like this.  I so totally agreed.

Here is another fun quilt.  'Maisie's Garden was done by Brenda Schlechter

This was done all with thread in free motion.  Jennifer Day embroidered this

called 'Los Mambises'.


Susan Turney said...

Thanks for sharing! Some pretty amazing work.

Ronnie said...

I enjoyed seeing these.

Robbie said...

Really nice!! Hey...do you read blog posts from your blog list? The past few days, only one post shows up on mine..I even tried on my tablet...just wondering if anyone else is having issues...