Friday, June 06, 2014

Upholstery. Me?

My visit to the dermatologist was highly successful. Except for a renewal of my prescription for Enbrel, all I need to follow up with is a blood test, which I always have to do, due to the possible side effects of Enbrel and my liver and/or kidneys. I have to go for my yearly regular doc in a couple weeks so I would have to do that anyway, so all is good.

 I decided to redo some decor in the house. One such redo was a chair
that is brown but the coloration of the room it resides in no longer has brown in it.  Grey is the color way I see in it's future.  I decide to make a 'pattern' out of muslin, sorta the way they do for new
clothing on Project Runway.

That seemed to be the way to go, all the while my bottom weight fabric from Joanns (40% off and 20% more because of the Joann text deals at $9.95 a yard) is tumbling around in the washer and dryer.
And here it is all clean and shrunken.

So now the muslin draft is converted to grey bottom weight fabric.

One thing leads to another and Voila!   My brown chair is now grey!  How fashionable.


Claudia said...

For the love of god is there nothing you cannot do??? And here I thought that me spray painting a tray to hold my toaster and kitchen utensils would get my own TV DIY show. Epic fail!

Robbie said...

I thought you had read a FB post on 'painting' furniture that either Gayle or Irene posted!! This is so cool...and I agree with Claudia! Is there nothing you can't do!!!

Gayle from MI said...

Please come and do my couch!

linda sperling said...

Claudia said it all!!!!!!!