Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Work

I will post three or four recipes that you have requested in a day or two.  I seem to have a lot on my mind right now and need to clear out some of the cobwebs!

Let's take a gander at what the gals did at my house this past weekend.  As is usual, they were very driven and successful, going away with lots of finished work.  Me?  not so much!

Mike completed this top, complete with border.  We all put our two cents in about block placement.  You can tell, right?

This is her completed baby quilt top.  It is so fun to look at.

Jean Ann started a quilt for her grandson that just graduated from college.

Here are some of the many parts she started and completed over the
course of the weekend.  The colors are beautiful.  She works much more complicated than the rest of us.

Peggy had found herself without a quilt on the back of her couch because the last two were purchased right off the couch (and the purpose of the visit wasn't that!)  So, from scratch she pieced together the top for yet another quilt for herself.  I figure she should make two ( a spare for her!)

She also bought this kit of a calendar of paper pieced itty bitty blocks from the quilt shop in Sarasota we went to the day I got my staples taken out of my hip.  The patterns came with three tissue foundations for each month!

Here are the finished blocks that only need the embellishments  before being sewn together.  Each
block measures 2".

Anne's first finish was this quilt.  It's reminiscent of one she made before but slightly different.  It fun and whimsy.

She also made these coasters for her living room.

This is the pattern she then started to piece together.

She completely changed up the colors to make it her own and they are ready to be sewn together.

This is multiple piles of 2 1/2" squares I cut.  Years ago I bought the fabric for a quilt for my niece for her high school graduation and had so much left over fabric.  I saved it all this time and decided it was time to do something with it.  This is as far as I got.  I tend to wonder when I have guests.

This is a top I pieced together when they were visiting me in Florida.  I always wanted to enlarge it (it's something like 56" x 62").  I spent most of two days trying to do just that but failed miserably.  Finally, when the girls were set to go home we put our heads together and I decided to not try and extend the pattern but just do some borders.
After they left I managed to put on three borders (skinny grey, skinny colored - Marcia Derse fabric - and a thicker grey final border.   That increased both width and height by 12 1/2".  That's good enough.

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Robbie said...

Geezzz....all of these projects for a weekend...makes me feel like our/my weekend was a bust!! Nicely done ladies!