Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Bit Of This And That

I accidentally opened the blog (pushed the wrong button) and realized that I didn't get around to posting this this morning.

Maggie and Evan are here spending the weekend. It's always a treat to have them. On the menu tonight for dinner is Frozen Iceberg Salad, (yes, you freeze the lettuce; it's Morimoto's recipe), a gruyere cauliflower tart, stuffed chicken marsala and peach cobbler. I'll let you how it goes,

I used up all the overripe bananas for my favorite Mrs. Fields banana bread.  Yum.
Now, I ask you, is this supposed to happen to my fingers when I am wearing a thimble? The needle (I use straw needles) went through my black thimble (I think it's teflon). Anne and I bought the things at Houston a couple years ago and they were supposed to be the bomb. Not so much.

G takes Bella on the beach every night.  It's their bonding time and G is always looking for beach glass for me.
This was last nights sunset.  Pretty amazing.

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