Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Dog's World

My sis is here for the weekend. She is helping me on the long arm. We kinda screwed up yesterday on a hand pieced quilt and so I spent the second half of the day ripping out stitches that ended up in the wrong place. Oh well, I got to sit on my butt to do it. G took us out to lunch and we ordered these fantastic breaded mushrooms. We liked them so much that we sent him back to the restaurant to get more for our dinner. We thought we may have to pay for it today, but so far so good. They are dream worthy. Here is Bella's cousin, little Chai laying on her bed downstairs having a milk bone teeth cleaning treat. It's in her mouth as you can see. Bella and those treats didn't seem to work well together but she definitely needs teeth cleaning help so I am gonna try to cut them in half and give them to her that way. I'll do that today!

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Gayle from MI said...

Frog stitching is the worst when you use a long arm. Things go bad in such a BIG way quickly. I was going to spring for zippers if I continued my business, which I did not do.