Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another thorn

Another thorn in my side.  I  looked forever to find a quilting pattern for the long arm that could hold up to this quilt.  I spent a couple days looking for the perfect pattern and had absolutely no luck.  So I had this bright idea to contact the gals I bought the machine from and ask them for a suggestion.  Of course, being that they are mother in law and daughter in law, they were on a family vaca.  I emailed them anyway and sent a picture of the quilt and asked if they could think of something contemporary that would be suitable.  I got the answer right away.  Go to Anita Shakleford's website and check out her modern  patterns.

I bought two patterns, ($15 a pop) and they were paid for and I downloaded them.
It took me another two days to figure out how to get them from the download file to my long arm
(a few cards out of my full deck).  After purchasing a zip drive I figured it out.

The pattern is fantastic.  The only problem is that I computed it as being an overall pattern and so the whole quilt was 7 rows and two repeats a row.  That means that except for the last row, each part of the quilt I roll up will have two rows of two repeats.  The first row of two repeats went flawless.  The second never started, so headaches later I got it restarting, only to quit after the first repeat.  Bla, bla, bla. bla, bla.

It is now loosened and still on the machine, awaiting a visit from my sister, who is indeed smarter than I am.

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Robbie said...

It is a cool looking quilt...and the quilting pattern is perfect on it!! Can't wait to see it all finished!!!